One Little Thing

Siobhan White has the blended learning bug and explains how she has developed her teaching by trying one little thing…

So; when comes that point that you try something different?

For me, was it a new role, such as mine with Departmental LTQ Lead, or the realisation that this year I have been at GCU 20 years!! Whatever, over the past year I have tried “one little thing…”.   And soon one little thing has become a few little things!

I am not the most confident or able IT individual therefore have often shied away from technology, but learning and teaching is not all focussed on this area. Doing one little thing differently in any aspect of your teaching makes all the difference.

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Better Blended Learning!

Today, we finally launched the much anticipated support community for our colleagues in GSBS. It’s called “GSBS Better Blended Learning!” and will be a source of resources which will support you in delivering blended learning.

The main focus will be on the use of our VLE – GCULearn – but we will also be including information about external resources. For example, after our recent Five Days of Twitter event, we’ll be including demonstrations and instructions on how to embed Twitter into GCULearn. In fact, a bit like this!


If the community hasn’t already shown up in the My Communities box on the front page when you log in to GCULearn, don’t worry;  I’ll be enabling self-enrolment shortly and sending out the instruction on how to get on by self-service.

Some of the content will be produced by Elizabeth and I, as the Schools’ learning technologists, but we also hope to showcase contributions from you, the academic staff. The content which you’ll find today will grow over the coming days, weeks and months. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a more experienced user, we hope you’ll find something of interest. We look forward to your participation…

Gary Smith is a Learning Technologist at Glasgow Caledonian University.  He transferred to the Glasgow School for Business and Society towards the end of 2011, after spending almost 18 years working in IT Support at GCU.

5 Days of Twitter

This week the Learning Technologists in GSBS, led by Elizabeth McGlone, are hosting a 5 Days of Twitter Event for academics.

What is 5 Days of Twitter?

5 Days of Twitter is an online event for staff to become more familiar with using the Twitter platform in a safe environment and to explore ways of using Twitter in the classroom to enhance student engagement and provide feedback.

Throughout 5 Days of Twitter a daily instalment will guide you through how to use a small aspect of Twitter and offer some suggestions as to how some features may be beneficial in the context of your academic role. One of the benefits of this event is that you can participate from anywhere at any time as it is online, hence you can even learn about Twitter from the comfort of your own home!

During the course participants will be encouraged to interact using Twitter with GSBS learning technologists and other colleagues, building their professional network as they learn to use the platform. 5 Days of Twitter is an opportunity for those completely new to Twitter to try it out and for those who are active users, to broaden their network and develop different ways of using Twitter either for their own professional development or for use with students.

Don’t worry if you are unable to participate on the first day or any of the days, you can dip in and out of this event at your own convenience and even try out some of the tasks and activities after the week is over. When you are Tweeting this week, please remember to use the hashtag #GSBS5DoT and if you want to Tweet directly to our GSBS school account, the username is @GCU_GSBS.

Why use Twitter?

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